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30 Minutes Meditation for 30 Days – The Result


A Meditation and Mindfulness practice has almost become normal, especially within the health and wellness community. Many of the worlds leading CEO's meditate and most high performing human beings. 

Meditation is something we love to share at Fast Way To Health. 

Here’s what happened after I committed to do 30 minutes of meditation for 30 days?

- Patience is an art form:

Patience, well lets be honest it has never been my biggest strength attribute that I put on a resume. (I am a Leo, what can I say). During this practice I noticed events, situations and challenges occurring in my life, where normally I would be pretty quick to have a fiery reaction, get frustrated, annoyed, flustered or irritated.

But now? Well, hellooo deep breathing and feet planted in the earth, cause I’m giving off good vibrations. I have been able to remain completely calm, present, grounded and focused. People around me have also been picking up what I’m putting down and even choose to be around my calming and grounding energy in times when they need it most.

This has rocked my world in so many ways and it has definitely been the ingredient I’ve been missing for a long time.

- Synchronicity is the universe saying you’re getting warmer:

Ever thought about someone and then all of a sudden you run into them? Or perhaps you have thought about something and then it out of nowhere it just appears?

Well this pretty much sums up my life on a daily basis. The synchronicity's now line up perfectly everyday and I can’t help but.. laugh.

I will think of someone in meditation and open my eyes to a message from them, I can think of something then within 24 hours someone has spoken to be about the same thing or it manages to make it’s way into my existence.

Like, I’m talking about magic mushrooms one night and then the next morning I wake up to my plant growing mushrooms… like WTF?!?!

Synchronicity's to me are a sign you are in alignment, in a state of happiness without resistance or fear, they are clear signs that you are on the right path, singing your song with the universe cheering you on.

- When life gives you more then you can stand, kneel:

30 minutes of stillness everyday was not a walk in the park believe you me.

In fact, it brought up a lot of shit.

What I learnt the most is being aware of it. It meaning, the emotion that surfaced, the story I was telling myself, the pain I was experiencing.

AWARENESS! Wow, the first step in surrendering.

I used to get so caught up in needing to know what everything meant and how that related to my life and what I needed to heal in order to release it. I have since learnt the power and ease in allowing, being aware, to then surrender and let that shit go without even needing to know what the heck it was all about.

- The ONLY moment that really matters:

There were times in meditation where I didn’t want to sit still, I wanted to open my eyes, I wanted to itch, I wanted to quit. The common dominator every time was not being in the present moment. Coming back to the breath, choosing to be aware and bringing myself back into the moment, would then allow me to drop in deeper.

As Eckhart Tolle says – “The decision to make the present moment into your friend is the end of the ego” and there is so much magic on the other side.

- Sleep is the best mediation:

I kept it interesting in the bedroom with my night-time meditations. Wouldn’t you like to know more 😉

Prior to 30/30 I was having a lot of trouble switching off my mind to go to sleep. Even if I went to bed earlier I would still be lying there for hours frustrated that I wasn’t in dream state yet.

Extended meditations in the evening and turning off from technology were incredibly helpful for a healing restful and deeper sleep. I love “still” meditation but sometimes calming music in the background was also needed.

A helpful tip here is to get all technology and electrical things out of the bedroom and be-friend aeroplane mode, you got this.

- Happiness is not out there, it is in you:

Hallelujah! Meditation for me is a practise in connecting to yourself and understanding your mind.

Giving myself this gift of just 30 minutes a day to be able to stop, unplug from the gogogo energy of the world and allow myself to drop in and have an experience has made me a happier human being.

I deal with people better, I deal with stressful situations easier, I do things that make me feel good and I love me for it. I recognise how much I smile, laugh by myself and feel a deeper sense of happiness and joy then I ever have before.

So if you want the secret to being a better human, here you have it.

I invite you to take on the 30/30 challenge and see how your life transforms. Embrace the rollercoaster as you go through change and grab a journal because the self reflection and aha moments are the best part.

So much love,
Sam Asser

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