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5 Types of Meditation…but which one is best for you?


With the growing popularity of Meditation in the modern world, there are so many different types of meditation and variations that it can be confusing with where to start and it’s almost impossible to name them all. I have explored 5 different types of meditation and find that continuing to explore is the best way to understand, embody and reap the rewards.

Here I have listed different types of meditation in no particular order so that you can understand what they are and how you may like to incorporate them into your day. And if you have not checked it out yet, take our Meditation Quiz to help you find what different type of meditation might work for you.

Mindfulness Meditation

This is something you can experience in a yoga class or a spiritual practice. It is a time when you become present. You aren’t necessarily shutting off your mind or giving the all mighty attempt to achieve ZERO thoughts. It’s just about giving yourself some much needed RnR, sitting down, being still and observing what is happening in the present moment. Thoughts may arise, feelings, to do lists, your first kiss you had in primary school whatever it is, but you simply allow and observe without judgement. You may have experienced this in a yoga class…You know, when you make it to everyone’s favourite pose at the end.. “Shavasnaaaaaa” (lying down on your mat to complete the class) and to be honest I could Shavasna all damn day, it feels so good.

Focused Meditation

A lot of people like to start with this type of meditation as it gives your mind something to focus on, however it can actually be the most challenging and frustrating as it is trying to discipline the brain to do something it simply does not want to do. A focused meditation may be focusing on your breath, or a candle, a spot on the wall. Has anyone ever told you not to do something and after that all you want to do is that thing they said not too.. Perhaps you were a devil child like me? Well, that’s how I found this type of meditation, in the beginning, a constant battle of focus and rebelling (mind wandering). Along with my patience and devil child antics, this has changed over time. I can now say I do enjoy the oddly focused type of meditation and the benefits I achieve from it.

Movement Meditation

This is an unexpected and easy way to incorporate a meditation practice into your life and chances are you are already a meditating hippie and you don’t even know it 😉

Moving Meditation is when you are slowing down and allowing yourself to focus on your thoughts whilst moving. This may include washing the dishes, walking barefoot in the sand, dancing, taking a shower. In fact, some of my best ideas and AHA moments come when I’m in the shower. Meditation doesn’t have to be a stressful, scary, unachievable thing. One of my all time fave’s is a long walk by the ocean and you will be surprised with the medicinal benefits this has on your health as well. If you need to move there are some great structured techniques like Tai Chi, Qigong – so check ‘em out, otherwise, keep up your daily meditations, now you know, there’s no going back.

Guided Meditation

This is an effortless and effective approach to meditation. You are being guided by someone else during the course of the meditation. It enables deep rest for your body and allows your subconscious mind to be open to positive messages, belief patterns or suggestions. It is designed to take you on an inner journey with the main intention of improving one or more aspects of your life.

Now I love journey’s don’t get me wrong and guided meditations can be powerful at the best of times but for me personally, from the get-go, what I needed most and what has really changed my mind, life and behaviours has been a stillness meditation otherwise known as –

Transcendental Meditation

TM was developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and is a form of stillness mantra meditation that is typically 15-20 minutes twice per day. Having now studied with one of the World’s best meditation teachers Tom Cronin and understanding the fundamentals, I by chance gravitated to this style from my early days. I found it really allowed the space I needed to open up, transcend the monkey mind chatter, drop into a deep state of rest and enhance the power of my intuition. In this place, I went from “phoning a friend” during times of needing help or making decisions to “tuning in” and having the confidence and space to listen to the subtle messages and guidance that was coming through from within and to know exactly what I needed to do.

What I love most about TM is that it isn’t about having NO thoughts or trying to have a “good meditation”, it’s simply allowing whatever needs to happen and using the mantra as a vehicle to drop yourself into deeper states of rest and stillness.

All this being said I am still a firm believer in whatever meditation you do is the best one.

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“One day or day one, you decide”

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