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8 Juice Fasting Essential Tips

  1. #CommitmentJuice Fasting Essential Tips #1

    Make the commitment that this is what you are going to do and understand why you are going to do it!
    Once that is clear, it will not matter if your friend buys you your favourite pana chocolate (yes, I know right), if your mum comes for dinner and you sit and watch her eat, if you walk through the markets smelling all the amazing food!

    It will NOT matter because you have made the commitment to yourself, you know why you are doing it, you have a clear intention and that will far out weigh anything else because you are stepping into your power, you have taken back control and made a choice.

    Action step – Make the commitment, have a clear intention, write it down and the fast will be a lot easier trust me.

  2. #SunshineJuice Fasting Essential Tips #2

    You know you can’t feel angry and grateful at the same time? Like it is impossible to feel a negative emotion at the same time as feeling grateful – seriously, try it.

    Well, sunshine is my gratitude. When the sun is shining and I get to be out in the sun, preferably at the beach and making the most of it, then it is really hard for me to feel a negative emotion.

    Perhaps it’s because the sunlight stimulates our endocrine system? The energy of the sun has way more affect on our body and health then most people realise. It provides a lot of nutrients to the body, stimulates white blood cell and vitamin D production.

    Sunlight is ESSENTIAL for good health, without it you are far more susceptible to cancer, obesity and other illnesses. Stop going to drastic measures to avoid natural sunlight and yes that includes toxic, chemical packed sunscreens. Slap on some coconut oil and allow your body to receive the nutrients it needs.

  3. #RestJuice Fasting Essential Tips #3

    RnR I’ll say it again. It’s okay to have some RnR, however, it is ESSENTIAL to have some RnR whilst cleansing or fasting.

    Whilst you can still have loads of energy whilst fasting, especially after the first 3 days your body is still healing and cleansing on a deeper level so it is important to support that.

    During the first 3 days of this cleanse I slept 12 hours a night (which is unheard of for me) and still managed to have a day 3 nap!

    It’s also a nice idea to rest from doing a lot of work at least for a couple of days and really give yourself that space and nurturing your body needs and that you deserve.

  4. #SaunaJuice Fasting Essential Tips #4

    Sweating is one of the main elimination channels and the sauna is a fantastic way to detox and sweat out all the unwanted toxins from your body, relax and restore.

    The deep sweat also helps stress release, relaxes your muscles, releases endorphins, cleanses your skin and helps you sleep better if you have a sauna before bed.

    *Bonus tip 30 minutes of sweating it out sauna style is also like going for a 30 minute jog so you can expect it to help with weight loss and cardiovascular.

    I freaking love the sauna, it’s one of my favourite ways to detoxify. Drink plenty of water before and during a sauna if you are fasting and listen to your body, perhaps a shorter time whilst fasting will be enough.

  5. #MeditationJuice Fasting Essential Tips #1

    If you aren’t doing this already, why not jump on board the meditation train whilst you are fasting.

    You are already creating more space, clarity of mind and creativity when fasting so the benefits of giving yourself the gift of meditating is magical. You don’t realize how much time you really do have until you start meditating.

    It can help you to really connect inwards, especially whilst fasting, to deepen your connection with your body and understand what’s going on emotionally that perhaps you’ve been avoiding.

    Want to improve your mind, body and soul?

    Then try meditating on a rock, near the ocean, in the sunshine. Doesn’t have to be for long but the healing is deep, so the questions is.. How deep do you wanna go?

  6. #MovementJuice Fasting Essential Tips #6

    If you do nothing but go for a brisk 30-60minute walk per day.. you have done the job and I guarantee this will make you feel better no matter what is going on.

    Life is movement. It is SO important to move your body daily! When juice fasting you can have a lot of energy once you get past the detox phase (if any) so it’s important to listen to your own body and also remember this is a time of healing so no need to over do it!

    Walking, light jogs, yoga, swimming, get out in nature. It will distract your mind and change your emotions.

  7. #DryBrushing + #CoconutOilJuice Fasting Essential Tips #7

    Dry body brushing daily encourages new cell renewal, so perfect to get on the body brushing band wagon whilst you are cleansing and healing the body! I do it first thing in the morning before my shower!

    It helps to shed dead skin, improve the blood circulation and help with lymphatic drainage. It also helps break down unwanted toxins, which can appear on the body as cellulite!

    So body brushing can help minimise cellulite and smooth over the skin!

    This is something I’m still working on but have definitely noticed the difference from starting this practise! So add it to your morning routine and smother your skin with coconut oil and you will be baby bum smooth.

  8. #WaterJuice Fasting Essential Tips #8Juice Fasting Essential Tips #8Juice Fasting Essential Tips #8Juice Fasting Essential Tips #8

    This time round I finished my juice Fast up with a 36 hour water fast!
    This is what felt right for what I needed!

    Water fasting is the fastest way to heal the body. There are so many amazing benefits to water fasting just 24 hours per week and what it can do to your health, longevity, immunity and your mental and physical body too.

    When we are eating we are using 70% or more of our bodies energy on digesting all the food we are eating. So imagine we stop eating, that 70% of energy can now go to work on healing, repairing and detoxifying our body.

    It makes sense right?


    Now it’s your turn…

    Comment below with your Number 1 Juice Fasting Tip. And it would mean the world to me if you share this article with those who need it most!

    Lots of love,
    Sam Asser

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