AboutĀ Fast Way To Health

Fast Way To Health was founded by Entrepreneur, Health Nerd and Digital Marketer, Mitch Asser, in 2015 as a way to help people to live life with passion and purpose, enjoy electrical energy building food and most importantly to help gain self love & acceptance.

Fasting has been the FASTEST way to achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that we have found, and we wanted to share it with you.

Mitch Asser, and his sister, Sam Asser (holistic health coach), now run Fast Way To Health together with a small team to continue to impact tens of thousands of people each year in becoming their best and healthiest version of themselves.

A main focus of Fast Way To Health are online virtual summits, showcasing incredible speakers from all around the world. We have had some of the best speakers at our events including David Wolfe, Joe Cross, Dr John Demartini, Dr Caroline Leaf, Cynthia Pasquella, James Colquhoun, Dr Daniel Pompa, Dr Tom O'Bryan, Erin Elizabeth, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr Michael Greger, Carol Look, JP Sears and many more....

FWTH's mission is to Connect & Collaborate with some of the world's best and up-and-coming health and wellness coaches, holistic doctors and nutrition researchers to bring you the latest most cutting edge tools, techniques and strategies with fasting, natural health, reversing disease and losing weight.

So that you can achieve the Health, Energy & Vitality you desire.

So much love for you,
The Fast Way To Health Team