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Absolute Immunity Booster Juice


If I was to tell you there was a secret ingredient that could take your immunity levels through the roof, would you believe me?

Why don't you come and find out?

It's a probiotic that hands down beats any pharmaceutical drug, pill, potion, antibiotic, life ruiner, whatever you want to call it. The garlic, mmm. Now today we're going to be putting together a juice that is the ultimate immunity booster.

So, if you wanna find a juice when you're feeling down, when you've got a cold, when you've got a flu, that you want to try and beat an illness with, something with. You want to boost your immunity right.

This is the gem to do that. And it may not be the best thing for date night. But if you wanna overcome anything, this is the gem.

I remember I used to perform a lot and I would lose my voice a lot, or I would get a sore throat or I would get the flu or whatever, whatever stuff would come up for me. And my teacher used to make me put together a concoction of garlic and onion and honey and mix it around into a drink and then she'd make me drink it. And it was disgusting, don't get me wrong.However, it worked every single time.

And this just kills anything, any bacteria, anything that's put into your body. So, the next time that you're feeling like you need an antibiotic, put this in your mouth for 15 minutes and then swallow it. And then you won't even need to go near the pharmaceuticals.

So, we're putting in some garlic, and literally just that much because it is pretty potent. We're putting in some ginger as well, one and a half green apple, some lemon, leaving the skin on for nutrients and also some pineapple. I'm probably only going to use half, yeah probably half of this, half of a half, so a quarter

All right, so let's get juicing and I'll meet you at the other end.All right, the time has come. Garlic may not be your friend, but it is the ultimate thing if you want to feed, if you want to nourish, if you want to cleanse the cells. So, don't plan it for date night, but plan it when you really need to heal your body.

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