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Almond Mylk + Recipe Ideas


Join me today and find out how to make almond milk.

And today were going to be talking about almond milk. Now growing up I was never really much of a milk fan or a dairy kind of person but I love the occasional milkshake or Milo and milk and things like this. But then you would have the aftereffect where you feel like crap, let’s be honest and you’d be bloated and never really sure why.

So and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that because there’s about 70% of people right now are actually allergic to dairy and probably don’t even know it. So if you’re feeling bloated a lot of the time, if your having a coffee with milk and you start to feel sick and things, then potentially dairy is the main cause.

Now I’m super excited today because my favourite drink of all time is nut milks and when I came across nut milks I was absolutely mind blown because if you think of going to the shop and buying nut milk yeah from time to time I could still do that and put it in your coffee and it’s great, but it’s actually 15% of almonds that are actually put into that milk.

So when you try and make your own you will absolutely be mind blown with the taste, the texture everything is absolutely unbelievable. So I’m going to show you how to make almond milk today. And then you can start to give it a try yourself and start to eliminate dairy from your diet and see if that makes an impact on your health, on the way you’re feeling, on your energy levels, potentially you won’t be bloated anymore and that’s a great sign.

So today I’m actually going to make a bit so we’ve got a kilo of almonds that I’ve soaked overnight in water and this should make around four litres of almond milk. Almond milk can be used not just to drink as almond milk, you can infuse it with different spices.

You can infuse it with cacao and make chocolate nut milk. Like oh my God. You can use the almond milk and create chia puddings. So much it’s so awesome and I’m so excited to share it with you today.

So to get started grab your almond milk that’s been soaked overnight. Sorry your almonds in water that’s been soaked overnight and all you’re going to do is pour it into the juicer. So for every cup you want to put a cup of water in as well to balance it out and it’s just going to go straight through the juicer.

So now what I’ve just done here is I’ve poured it through a nut bag and you can purchase a nut bag from a health food shop, online, different places. Really awesome to have in the kitchen and as you pour it through the nut bag, what you find is, let me show you, this leftover.

So that’s what you want to get out of the nut milk to make it really milky and really smooth. And I’m going to put my hands in here because that’s fine and look at that, freaking amazing. Now you can also use a sifter. If you don’t have a nut bag use a sifter.

I just find this works a treat because it gets everything out. So find yourself a nut bag, squeeze it through and literally there you have yourself some almond milk and you can pour that into jugs, into cups.

So I’ve been getting creative with the almond milks. My favourite thing ever, we’ve got the plain almond milk and we’ve created a chocolate almond milk. Oh my God, this is like awesome for post workout as well and it’s also fine to have on a juice fast because it’s literally just milk but good. But how I made that one was adding cacao, my favourite ingredient.

I also mixed in a little bit of nutmeg, vanilla essence, cinnamon, all those good things. It’s absolutely delicious, I’m going to have some now actually. So you can have this in the morning, you can have it at night, however you want to do it.

We’ve also created a chia pudding, oh my God. So chia pudding is literally the easiest thing ever but almost looks too good to even eat. But it’s actually really yum.

So all you do is get the almond milk and mix in the chia seeds and then pour it into something else, a bowl or a cup or a jar whatever you want to use and I just put a bit of pretty stuff on it. Berries and blueberries and granola and honey and just let it sit overnight and next day it’s perfect for breaking your fast.

So these are just a few things you can do with the almond milk we made and be creative and let us know how you go.

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