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Fasting Super Conference

The Complete A-Z Guide On Getting Started with Fasting To Improve Your Health & Wellness

How have we become so lost and disconnected? This was the question I asked over and over again after I completed my first 7 Day Juice Fast and then moved onto Intermittent Fasting daily, eating in an 8-hour

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Healing Hashimoto’s Summit Review | Health Talks Online

If there is an ever-growing problem that I hear about with women when it comes to their health….it is thyroid problems. The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit is an incredible resource to learn and

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Summit Review: The Parasite Summit

Welcome to Mitch & Sam’s Study Group conversations where this week we have an incredibly fascinating topic. Parasites!! I never knew parasites existed until I was deep into studying health and

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Get up and Go with our Green-Go Smoothie Recipe

– ♫ A, B, C ♫ Easy as eat yo’ greens ♫ Easy as along with your teens ♫ A, B, C ♫ Eat your greens along with me – Well, today, we’re gonna make a green smoothie and we

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Podcast Review: The ATP Project on Intermittent Fasting

Welcome to Mitch and Sam’s morning study group where we sit down and discuss some of the latests podcasts, documentaries and other relevant topics in order to continue to be a student of life. We will

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Watermelon Flush -The Perfect Summer Cleanse Recipe

There was a green house... and inside the green house there was a white house... and inside the white house there was a red house... and inside the red house there was lots of babies. What is it? Ta da!

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Water Fasting Benefits | Why I Have a Love – Hate Relationship with Water Fasting

After speaking with many people of late who have been on the health journey for many months or years, most of them are yearning for something deeper. Many people I speak to have done many 5, 10, 20 or

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Kidney Detox Juice – Remove Kidney Stones, Kidney Pain and Keep Your Kidney’s Alive

Detoxing the kidney doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to be, you know, a straining process. Detoxing the kidney, I'm gonna show you today how to make it fun,

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