Are you ready to show up as the best, healthiest and happiest version of yourself? 

Hi, I'm Sam Asser.

My job isn't easy, but it's simple. In one sentence:

"I'm here to guide you from your head to your heart!" 

To enable you to connect to your true essence and live a life that sets your soul on fire.

Through a heart-based approach I help you to unleash your untapped potential that will empower you to level up in health, self care and living your best life. 

How do I do this? 

I've helped dozens of people transform their life with my "3 E's" Model; Express, Emanate, Embody!

You'll find dozens of others talking about fasting and health clinically, but there's no one else but me who will help you truly transform long-term through approaching this lifestyle holistically. 

Because there's no other option for long-term, sustainable results!

Your coaching options:


In this 2 month deep dive we get curious about your sticky points, bring your fullness to the right now moment and hang up the armour that is getting in the way of you being your true authentic self.

Through the use of powerful questions, breathing techniques and disconnecting from the minds limiting stories we identify the kinks in your hose that are holding you back from achieving your deepest desires in health, self love and living that 10/10 life.

Together we create an aligned action plan for you to move forward in living an abundantly, epic life that you love by embracing the light and dark and letting your heart sing. 

Sam has a passion for sharing stories with the world. This shines through in her ability to ask the right questions and dive deep into the subject and more importantly know when to let the person being interviewed talk and clearly make their point. Sam’s dedication, knowledge and research skills are just but a few of the talents she brings to the interview table.


Joe Cross

Film Maker, Entrepreneur, Author

"I have been interviewed by hundreds of people on hundreds of podcasts, summits and shows, and I can say without a doubt that Sam is one of the best interviewers, if not the best, I have ever been interviewed by"

Dr Daniel Pompa

"The Dr's Doctor", Cellular DetoxExpert


Living your life at a 10/10 requires a commitment to levelling up in all areas health, relationships, business and self love. You can’t bypass healing.

In this 6 month immersion we begin to Express, Emanate and Embody.

Express and unpack through the use of fasting, cleansing, consciousness and vulnerability to enable you to get clear on who you are and the direction you want to move in to create a 10/10 life, what armour you might be putting up to self sabotage or avoid getting what you really want in life.

We then begin to Emanate, dance your dance meaning you experience epic transformation within yourself through mindfulness, movement & motivation. You can study, read or listen to as many podcasts as you like, but if you aren’t actually implementing or taking aligned action, nothing will change. 

Finally we Embody and find your flow so that the way you move through life is now an exact reflection of your true essence we will create support systems and self care practises to help you to thrive in the midst of chaos, so you no longer continue to revolve back to old ways, instead you evolve.

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Working with Sam I experienced this huge shift in my own self love. It's like I finally loved myself a little deeper like she always describes and I felt the change in depth. All of a sudden I had clarity with myself and who I am. And that I'm not my experiences and that I’m safe within myself. She helped me realise - only when you love yourself deeper can you receive love on a deeper level and through this work I felt this happen in my intimate relationship with myself and my partner.



Sam is one of those rare people whose authenticity and passion just completely shines through. She puts her heart out there when she's speaking - and it really moves people - she wants to help, she wants to take her hard-won life lessons and share that wisdom with everyone. That's the mark of a true teacher."

Jennifer Taviv

Director of HealthMeans

"Sam is a very authentic communicator who connects with people where they are at in their struggles. She speaks with passion and has a huge heart to help humanity break through limiting beliefs and have a better life experience. I always enjoy our conversations and the content she puts out to the world."

Dr David Jockers

Leading Functional Nutrition & Keto Expert

‘’Sam is an amazing coach. She has held me through some of the darkest times of my life and helped me ‘unpack’ many of the conscious and subconscious blocks and paralyzing fears that kept me stuck in an infinite loop of misery. She inspired me to face my fears head on and was by my side guiding me every step of the way. She gave me inspiration and hope, and most importantly, she gave a push to go after my dreams and start thinking from the heart, not only the brain. Working with Sam is like getting a spiritual shower of love, light and inspiration and connecting with the inner self. I’m so grateful to have met this incredible soul and learn so much from her. ‘’


Director of HealthMeans

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