Fast Way To Health

Fasting: Everything You Need To Know About Intermittent Fasting, Juice Fasting & Water Fasting


Fasting has been around since the beginning of time.

Naturally, we tend to move towards less food when we are sick, just like animals do in nature.

Yet we have been overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information we are told when it comes to health, and just don’t know how many meals and how much we should be eating each and every day.

We are told about a brand new diet every week and how this new vitamin can help you finally achieve that health goal you have.

What if we NEVER had to worry about that again?

How much of a relief would that be to your life?

Perfect, then keep reading, this will be the only guide you will ever need to read again. After you have read this post in it’s entirety, you will have the power, wisdom and intuitive feeling of how you can finally take control of your own health once and for all…

Mitch Asser – Fast Way To Health 

The Complete Guide To Fasting

“From 4 a.m. to 12 p.m. that’s our natural elimination or detoxification cycle. So, things that slow down that detoxification and elimination are things like eating. So, if I wake up at 6 a.m. in the morning, have breakfast by 7 a.m. then basically we cut off about five hours of detoxification that our bodies should be doing naturally.

So, if we can shorten that gap of when we are eating, then we’re going to have more energy naturally, as well. And that was the biggest thing that I wanted to get away from when I was going through that adrenal and chronic fatigue.”

“I know for me, do you know, seeing my grandparents, around at the moment, who are full of cancer and dementia, and I’ve had a pop who died 15 years ago with cancer that I don’t want my family to see|me like that when I get older, and I don’t want to go out that way.

So, longevity for me is at the top of my list. What can I do right now that is going to help me live a longer life, and most importantly, a more healthy life. Because if you’re not living healthily then what’s the point of living at all, really?”

“And, that’s cool, I was like at the start, I was like, I’ve gotta stick to what I’m going to do. I teach this stuff, but then I just gave in and|my body appreciated me for it, because I was listening to myself.

So, listen to yourself, work out what’s going to work best. There’s so many of us walking around fat, sick, and nearly dead and we don’t even know how bad we feel until we know how good we can feel on a juice fast.”

“That’s why, when you have a fresh juice, that is, it’s just so nourishing, you can feel it almost instantly, and there’s nothing like it. It’s like, just a high that the people on drugs are looking for, it’s that natural high, and you can feel it. You can feel your body actually, it’s like yes, this is what I wanted.

And, when you start to flood your body with those nutrients that’s when your body starts to go to work, because the body is the only healer. Your body can naturally heal anything that you want. Anything that you want on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, I truly believe that.”

James Clear –

The Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting

“You know I remember hearing a story about a woman who said “I’m just really upset that I haven’t been running “three days a week,” and someone said, “Well what about running one day a week?” And she said, “Well I’m not gonna run one day a week. That won’t do anything.” And it’s this interesting like we would rather do nothing than do a small thing that moves us in the positive direction, but then when you actually try it, it’s quite easy to actually do and follow through on because there really is nothing to do.

“You just don’t eat, there’s nothing else to it than that. You don’t have to stick to a particular diet, you don’t have to follow any strict rules. It’s just don’t do this for a portion of time.”

“So and after doing this for four years, what I think is the biggest difference that comes from intermittent fasting is that it’s a lifestyle change that you can stick to that leads to eating fewer calories on a whole because whatever piece works for you, one or two ideas and actually implement that rather than worrying about whether everything works because if you could take just one idea and actually use it, then this time will be very well spent.”

“So if we’re talking about following through with intermittent fasting or exercise or any other health benefit, what I think is the far more powerful social pressure than telling someone else about your goals is becoming a part of the community where the behavior that you want is the norm.”

Jo Rushton – Energy Coaching Institute

Overcoming Imprisoned Thoughts & Emotions

“You know, I guess, what I’d like to do is just jump in on a|couple of things first. Just to give a little bit of foundation. And I think that one of the things that a lot of people forget to ask themselves when they go into a fast is: what am I fasting for? What’s the purpose?”

“That’s to get the best results from fasting in terms of really cleansing the body and really supporting|it to clean itself out physically, mentally and emotionally. And of course, there’s a spiritual aspect to fasting as well.

But to really ensure that you’re gonna get the most out of your results, you need to make sure that you’ve got the, what I call, the foundation principles on board. That you’ve really got the building blocks for the body and the physiology of the body to actually respond effectively and efficiently to that fasting.”

“The idea of fasting to support myself mentally and emotionally, what kind of thoughts might I start to become aware of and start thinking about what I’m thinking about in order to actually consider what thoughts are self-serving and what thoughts are self-limiting.

When you can take that level of self-awareness, and become conscious to the thoughts and the feelings that you’re holding on to that don’t make you feel good, the moment you realize those thoughts and feelings don’t make you feel good, realize right then, they are having an equal biochemical, physiological affect on your physical body. Equal to the thoughts and the feelings.”

“And so you can literally start to train your body and recondition your body to believe that you’re living the future right now. And so, if you sit in meditation, you start to actually call upon the thoughts and the feelings, and you can, you can teach your body what it feels like, to actually be living that intention. And you can start visualizing, thinking, imagining and feeling, what it would be like to be living that intention right now.”

Dr Joel Fuhrman –

Fasting For Health & Healing

“Well I’ve been in medical|practice for more than 25 years and I’ve utilized fasting as a therapeutic modality to aid in people|recovering from serious diseases. So obviously I’m not discussing fasting in an isolated form. It’s fasting in conjunction with excellent nutrition.”

People are looking for a reason or a rationale to eat the diet they prefer to eat, and the evidence today is overwhelming that diets higher in animal products are dangerous.”

So I’m suggesting that there’s no controversy here because caloric restriction can lower excessive immune response and have this person accelerate the clearing of their psoriasis, get rid of their urticaria, rest the digestive tract, get them free of pain from their rheumatoid arthritis. We’re talking now about autoimmune disease.”

“Fasting, I’ve utilized it over the last 25 years. Many cases to people with autoimmune disease. Fasting can be utilized intermittently into a healthy eating program to have the capacity to further push the envelope of human longevity, to extend life longer.”

“There are certain conditions that people develop that fasting can be used therapeutically to help induce a remission, to help people make a full recovery. We want people to lose weight and keep it that favorable lower weight for the rest of their life. That means you want to change the way you eat, and those changes in the way you eat should be made permanently for the rest of your life.”

“We’re talking here about a diet that’s rich in produce, and in cooperation and in conjunction with some judicious use of fasting can enable these people to make a complete recovery not requiring medical care. Not requiring drugs for their condition, because they don’t have their condition anymore they made a complete recovery.

Why this should be the, how should I say, the primary method of treatment, and drugs should be seen as almost a last resort after the few rare cases where this would fail. Because drugs not just are toxic, but they cause the other cancers to occur. They dramatically enhance your rate of getting cancer. They’re dangerous medications and suppressing the immune system is very dangerous to do drugs, it’s lifespan shortening.”

“You mildly under eating calories, being conscious of not overeating, picking foods that are rich in nutrients by caloric needs are all,|how should we say it, the formula for extending human lifespan. That’s the fountain of youth.”

Julie Simon – Overeating Recovery

Overcoming Emotional Eating

“And it requires a multidimensional, a comprehensive multidimensional approach to address overeating. Why? Because there’s psychological, emotional, cognitive physiological, biological, neurological issues that underlie our turning to food.”

Fasting can be fantastic for that because fasting really|helps physiologically. It does a lot of incredible things for our bodies. Some people I work with will want to do one fast once a week, maybe a 24-hour fast; water, juice. I actually prefer, and what I do, I’m an intermittent faster and I fast every single day of the week.”

“And they have said to me, I feel fantastic doing this. This is so helpful for me, it resets my palate, my hunger and fullness hormones are working better, my head is so much clearer, my brain is feeling sharper, I’m losing weight immediately.

“Fasting alone is not going to make you healthier. Clearly, you have to be eating the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat in your window of eating, okay?”

“It’s good to experiment. When I was first doing it, I remember thinking it’s gonna be really challenging and I remember doing a 17 or 18 hour fast, like maybe the second or|third day and thinking wow, I have more more energy than I can imagine and I worked out during my fasting time. I was like, this is incredible. I feel a wild level of energy, you know.”

“I’ve always believed that whatever we do with eating needs to feel intuitive and it needs to feel right for you, and so I don’t think anybody should do fasting if it doesn’t feel right for them. But I think most people who try even any version of intermittent fasting will get a sense of how|intuitively right it feels. That’s what I found right away.”

Dr Gabriel Cousens – Tree of Life Center

Spiritual Fasting

“The Spiritual Fasting takes us to a place of truth that’s beyond our intellectual understanding. So energy really works well with spiritual fasting. So it’s an intent to wake up on every level of your life. Physically, which most people think detox fasting. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So that’s a much more comprehensive approach to fasting.”

“It makes life so much more fun, and enjoyable, and it empowers you throughout your life, because you’re turned on. And the way we stop building disease is periodic spiritual fasting. Because disease is a toxic crisis, because we have chaos in the system.”

Now here I am at 73, and it’s like 600 push ups. I’m up to 50 pull ups. In other words, this life style has made me stronger than even when I was a star athlete 54 years younger. That’s incredible.”

“So, it works. That’s what this picture’s about. It works. It’s not about me. You live this lifestyle, and you’re flexible, stronger, more endurance. It works.”

“If I were to say one thing|about spiritual fasting it’s about helping you reconnect consciously to your soul, and live your life from a soul centered point of view.”

Tyler Tolman –

The Unspoken Of Fasting

“Every mammal that exists on the planet today and has existed for thousands of years, when they’re either injured or they become sick, they’ll naturally go into some form or another of fasting.”

“That if they get into fasting, I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind they’re gonna reverse the condition if they’re willing to|stick to the protocols and actually go through the process and follow my advice with breaking the fast properly and maybe making some lifestyle modifications.”

The word mem comes from an ancient Hebrew and it means water and the word ori is also a Hebrew word that means light. So our memory literally means water and light and if you look at a pool of fresh, clean, still water and you shine light on it, you see a perfect reflection and I don’t think there’s anybody else on the planet that talks about this and you can quote me if I’m wrong, but I believe that our DNA and every DNA within ourselves is actual cellular memory that goes back all the way to the beginning of whoever the first ancestor potentially was.”

So if we’re always stressed|and we’re very sporadic, you can imagine the water in your brain being like looking at a lake that’s choppy. It’s hard to gain access to really seeing the clear picture. So that is why they said fasting and prayer.”

“So I think that fasting has the ability to really like give us divine clarity and open us up into a way that we truly start to manifest and shine through at our greatest.”

Marko Petrovic – The Superhuman Code

The Elements & Fasting

“What I realized was|I just came to a point where I’d read so many books, I’d been through so much information, and it just wasn’t|cutting it for me anymore. There wasn’t the substance|there that I was looking for. But I seem to have found that substance by just spending time out in nature and learning from the elements.”

“When we fast, in my|experience it just gives us this mental time and space where we can begin to bring in new information. And when we do it with a powerful intention, then we’re not just bringing in random information, we’re actually bringing in stuff that can really support us and guide us. We then go through a process of fasting to enliven ourselves more, to make ourselves healthier, which, to me the definition of health is just bringing in more life, more life force.”

“I call it learning through the conscious field of the heart. So it’s kind of like you disconnect from the monkey-mind and all the chitter-chatter, and it’s just this direct experience where it’s like, transmissions of information happen really fast. And then, even weeks and months after I finish my fast, I’ll have reflections where I’m like, “Oh, wow. I didn’t even learn that.” And I’ll still be pulling lessons out of it.”

“To me, I began to relate to food as information when I realized that this apple, all of it came from a single seed. And when you take a look at a seed from any fruit or any vegetable on the planet, you just sit there with it for a moment and begin to contemplate the fact that in this tiny little apple seed, for example, is stored all the information and DNA to give birth to an entire apple tree, that fruits who knows how many apples.”

“And to disconnect ourselves from the earth is to disconnect ourselves from the very umbilical cord of life, which gives us all the nutrition that actually gives us life. So, it’s amazing how just spending a bit of time with the elements, with nature, connects us to our own nature, everything we were before school, before any indoctrination, before any belief systems were taken on by us. It’s like that very first point, where we just feel like, “Boom.” We’re right there.”

Jenni Madison – Coconut Magic

Coconut Fasting

“There’s a communication now, that basically just says coconut oil fixes everything. And there, you know, there’s sort of such a huge element of truth in that.”

“Since discovering coconut oil I also discovered that there’s just so much to coconut. You know, as a whole. The whole coconut offers so much from health, healing, beauty. To, building and making things. We can use every resource of the coconut to make something useful, and beneficial, and healthy, and toxin-free, sustainable.

“Now all our– Our organs, it’s doing the eliminating properly, which coconut supports in so many ways, then we don’t crave, you know, fatty or unhealthy fatty, bad fatty foods or– It’s just that keep in mind that coconut oil it is like a natural medicine. So, if there is any sort of, I’m just sort of coming back to that, if there is any ailments specific, the coconut oil when it’s start doing it’s work, just to be prepared. It’s a heavy, it can be quite a detox. They’re completely natural, but they’re still very potent. Especially when you use a high quality, clean, very clean, pure, virgin coconut oil.”

So, I jump on board– I hope you can come to understand that it’s not about the quantity of fat. It’s all about the quality of fats and oils. Because we absolutely need, even the Omegas are classified as essential oils. And we need the coconut oil as well.”

Our brain is made up of 70% of saturated fat, and we need that feed our brain. And when we feed our brain, our whole body can then start to be, you know, come back into balance and receive the nutrition it needs.”

“And yeah, an it’s, fasting’s amazing. I think it’s one of the best|things we can do for our body. It gives everything a chance to rest and rejuvenate. And just come back into balance and strength.”

Markus Rothkranz –

Fasting & Weight Loss

“So what you eat is just as important as how much you eat or when you eat and all that stuff. The general rule is eat stuff you find in nature, fruits, vegetables, plants, greens, nuts, seeds, you know that kind of stuff. And in close as a form as you find in nature. You don’t find bread in nature, you find you know berry atop the tree.”

“70% of your body’s energy goes to digesting food. So, that means, and that’s a lot of work, that’s why fasting is so great. Because you gave all this extra energy that’s freed up to heal you, to clean you out, to do housecleaning and things like that. When you eat, fasting is you starve your body from any external source of energy and it uses up all the reserves of glycogin and so it’s got nothing left to do but use fat as energy. And that’s the last thing the body ever want to use is fat ’cause that’s the emergency supply. That’s like if you eat too much, and you had too much food leftover and your body’s not using it, it just turns it into fat, stores it. Says I’m gonna use this when the emergency happens.”

“So, what the problem is when people have their weak moments. They go, “Oh, I don’t know. “I’m getting scared and people are telling me scary things. “Ah, I got to eat something!” They go, they almost make it, they break down and they have that candy bar, whatever it is. And then it’s like a viscious cycle, it’s like binge purge. It’s like two steps forward, one step back. You got to commit to it, you go to stay to it, you got to know that, like I said.”

“Your body can only get energy from food, glycogen, or fat. And you have more energy|and you look younger, your hormones are coming back, you’re like you’re just more frisky, you’re more energetic, you’re more creative. You’re mood improves, you’re not like stressed all the time anymore. Now you’re like upbeat about stuff. It’s just why would you ever want to go back to the gloom and doom?”

“Well, if it’s right for that person doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Do what feels right for you first. Everybody knows an apple is better for them than pizza. Right? So why do they go for the pizza? Well, because they needed to feel good. Because why? Well, they’re stressed. Because why?

Because they’re in a bad relationship, they’re working at a job they don’t like, they have mortgage, whatever it is. I said well that’s why you’re eating the junk ’cause you need that feel good. It’s a drug, like alcohol, sugar, cigarettes, cocaine, whatever it is.

You need to acknowledge that|that’s why you’re doing it. But you know the apple is better for you. So, the first step is you gotta, you gotta bite down and|start doing what you know is good for you. Just do it, okay?”

Kate Harrison –

The 5:2 Diet

“It is just that sense of no longer feeling that food rules my life in an awful way. You know, I could never get my head around the idea of exclusion diets. I did have some success low carbing for a number of years and I fell off the wagon and then felt utterly terrible about it. You know, I really felt ashamed of myself. I did feel really ashamed of my body and my eating habits.”

“But you know your body better than anyone else and you know when it’s a discomfort that will pass or when it’s something that is saying to you this is not working for me. All of this potentials that the idea that fasting might be able to perform this housekeeping in the body to help us feel better ourselves to work right down at that tiny micro level is really appealing and within six months, I had lost that weight,  was down from an unhealthy BMI to a really good kind of low 20s BMI. More than that, it’s been sustainable. I’ve maintained that weight within a pound or two for the last over four years.”

“You realize when you start fasting and delaying food and accepting that you might be able to feel a bit hungry is that voluntary, intentional hunger is totally not the end of the world, in fact anything but. It’s a sign that you are able to put other things first.”

You can if your diet is rice-based or if it’s wheat-based|or if it’s protein-based, whatever it is, it can work for you and that sustainability, flexibility is fantastic.”

“All over the world and they very commonly say that too that they feel that sense of control, they understand their appetite again and they don’t eat except when they need to.”

“The idea is that you can plan your meals around that and then the rest of the week your eating is normal, but you are beginning to get a really good insight into the weight loss and weight stability benefits of fasting, but also the health benefits of fasting.”


Dr Alan Goldhamer – TrueNorth Health Center

Fasting Mechanisms

“It’s interesting to think that I’m saying today that the leading cause of death and disability, things|like high blood pressure, diabetes, conditions like lymphoma, conditions like autoimmune disease, are better treated sometimes doing essentially nothing, fasting, than they are with all the pills and potions and magic treatments that are recommended. So we have to ask ourselves, what is it that’s happening in fasting that’s responsible for the body’s ability to heal itself.”

“One of the things I wanted to do today was talk about the conditions that are happening because of the pleasure trap, and how we use fasting to actually give the body a chance to reverse itself. And probably be able to achieve normal blood pressure if they’re willing to do dangerous and radical things like adopt an exclusively plant food diet, get appropriate exercise, and get the rest they need.”

“It’s interesting though that even a thin male, a 70 kilogram male, a 164 pound male, could if they were pushed to it, fast as long as seventy days before they reached that starvation mode because the body is very efficient at regulating itself in a resting state and a fasting state.”

“Fasting mechanisms also include enzymatic induction. The body gets rid of these tumors and it gets rid of toxins and it gets rid of, mobilizes fat, and everything else through enzymatic induction. Enzyme systems are induced during fasting for detoxification, for fat mobilization, and those enzyme systems|apparently persist. So you’re not only detoxifying when you’re fasting, but you’re detoxing at a more efficient rate after you’re fasting.”


Steve Prussack – The Juice Guru

How To Feel, Live & Love Better

“And I realized that my body was cleansing on a level that I’d never experienced before. Um, who knows what that would have done to me, you know, in the long run. What kind of diseases I would’ve had. What kind of cancer would have developed from those, from that, which is deep within our tissues. And with every cleanse we do, it seems that we pick up where we left off the last time, and we get to go deeper and deeper.”

“To love better. To love better is to love ourselves, to take care of ourselves, to put the right things in our body, to know that we’re not perfect, to not be so hard on our self, and then, to be able to accept those around us and to be able to give them the love we have for our self. And then, you know, influence them in any way that that manifests, without an expectation that they’re gonna change, so that’s, I’m just balancing more, and I have more energy throughout the day and it’s just like turning back the clock. So, that’s why we do it and that’s why we educated about this.”

“It’s amazing what the universe will bring back to you when you put those words|out into the universe. That I love myself. Well, then, the universe is going to bring love to you. It’s going to bring positive manifestations to you. It’s almost like this thing where the universe has you back and it’s something I think you have to experience.”

“So, you know, there’s one documentary where they say drinking Ayahuasca is equivalent to going to twenty of the best therapists in one night, because you can’t bullshit your way through it, you know, So, the big reflection in that session was, You need to work on yourself. Who are you to sit here and try to help other people, when you can’t even help yourself. So, it held this merit to me. It showed me these blind spots of the areas I needed to work on. It literally kicked my ass.”

‘Happiness, of self love, of growth. Then, we can really help people. Then, we can really help the planet. We can help those around us. But it really starts within.”

Neil Martin – The Natural Juice Junkie

The A-Z of Juice Fasting

“So I think probably the first and most important thing I can say is that juicing and blending are not the same thing.”

“Yes. I knew as well. I knew fruits and vegetables were good for me. But I also knew I wasn’t eating enough of them. And this was the first time that I had ever consciously been aware of the idea that I could drink them instead.”

When you use a juicer, you separate the liquid part of the plant from the fibrous part of the plant. Now interestingly, that’s actually the same thing your body will subsequently do.”

“What your body actually does, is it takes those toxins and it wraps them in fat to protect your vital organs and it just stores the fat.”

“But I think it was probably day four when my energy was just like insane. It just went nuts…”

“So effectively what a juicer is doing is taking that job of most of your digestive system and almost pre-digesting the food for you by separating that fibrous part. But the key thing with it is you’re flooding your body with those nutrients. And so if you do three days, five days, seven days of like four or five juices a day, you’re probably getting more nutrition than you would normally eat in a month.”

Matt Bate – 365 Days of Wholeness

Fasting & Sports Nutrition

“Then, you need to understand that digestion is a process of the body that takes a lot of energy and that’s why we feel that food coma after a big meal and I used to find I’d have my big bowl of porridge or cereal or whatever and I’d feel tired 30 minutes after and I’d need my coffee to pep me back up. And I started realizing well that’s because I’m eating a lot of complex carbs, a lot of processed foods that take a lot of energy to break down. So I need to start eating foods that give me, that are easy to break down, that my body doesn’t have to invest a lot of energy into getting a return of nutrients.”

“A lot of things, you know, as I said, they took me awhile to integrate. It was over like over a three, four, five year period. But yeah, you do after four, five years, you look back, and you go oh wow, my whole lifestyle changed, but it feels natural, cause you’ve sort have done it as you were ready to do it.”

“Then there’s all that energy. You know we’ve got all these goals, aspirations. We’ve got relationships, we’ve got careers, we’ve got things we want to do, but without the energy to do it, it’s really tough. So, I’m a big fan of trying to live a lifestyle that gives you that sort of maximum amount of energy for each day.”

“For me, what can I trust fully then. Well, I think I can trust nature. I think nature doesn’t have an agenda. I don’t see the apple tree trying to sell me its apples. I don’t see it, I just see the apple tree giving me apple after apple after apple after apple.”

“Actually in the wild, where human races lived through ice ages, it’s lived through very sort of different periods and climates. And, the reason we’ve been able to survive these periods is because we’re very well designed to fast.”

“And fasting, all fasting does is just allow the natural self-healing capabilities of the body operate through their fullest capacities. That’s all it is. It’s not a miracle or anything like that. It’s just the normal healing process of the body as being finally been given a chance.”

Hilde Larsen – Inspired By Hilde

Dry Fasting

“So one day I just, I just laid down. I just laid down and I just|told my husband, I said, “I am gonna stop every medication right here, right now, and I am gonna lay here until one out of two things happen. Either I get healthy, or I die. And I don’t care which.” I was just so sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

“You know, it’s getting better from introducing a little bit of dry fast. This is powerful stuff. You can’t just dive into dry fasting from eating sad, regular diets.”

“But that is benefiting you, it’s always because it’s going back to that same thing. Because the body is the only healer, and it can only happen in one way, really.”

“It’s you know, producing…Now it is very simple. It’s simply not eating and not drinking anything. And no, you can’t take the herbs. And no, you can’t take just that or you can’t take this. I mean, nothing. It’s like zipping up your mouth”

“I am allowing my body to heal. So every symptom that comes out when I am dry fasting, or fasting in general, it’s such a joy actually. It’s like, “Oh my god,” I’m like, “Oh, You’re doing that.” So I’m feeling nauseated, and I’m like, “Oh, I’m so glad you’re releasing a little bit of acids now in my stomach.”

“What I say is try not to think, and then just connect. You know, just lay down. Any symptom, just lay down. Listen to your body. Go inward. Meditate. Talk to God. Say a prayer. You know, say an intention and trust. Because you have to know that you are doing something good for your body.”

“I would be at the first step. I would say, look at your diet. You know, look at what you’re doing. And then get educated. Get educated. Get comfortable. Know what you’re doing. Watch videos. Read books. Get into it. Make it your mission if you really mean it. You know, if you want to do|something good for yourself, then do it for success, right?”

Sara Solomon –

The Fat Loss Fast System

“And I love it because food no longer controls me. I don’t feel tormented by food, but rather I feel like I have control over food.”

“Here I was telling her she wasn’t healthy, because she was skipping breakfast, “the most important meal of the day”, and yet, she looked like a million bucks. So I thought, “well, maybe she’s on to something.” So, I decided to skip breakfast. And that’s why. I mean, if it’s working for her, then maybe I should actually give this a try.”

“So, that’s why we have not been killed off as a species. Because our ancestors sometimes went through periods of famine.”

“Fasting is something that is taboo, because I feel that marketing from breakfast companies has just taught us to believe that we must have breakfast first thing in the morning. Now, I would just like to restate that. And say,”you know what? I agree.” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it’s breaking your fast. I just happen to eat my breakfast later on.”

“If you stay hydrated, you’re gonna be fine, Because the signals in the brain confuse thirst and hunger. So, often times you think you’re hungry, but not so fast. So, you’re just thirsty. So if you just keep chugging water, you’re going to be absolutely fine.”

“So, by having your eating time in a narrow window, as opposed to eating from the moment you wake up until you go to bed, is going to be much better for your longevity.”

“So, I am pro fasting. I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’m excited that’s it’s helping so many more people.”

Chef Cynthia Louise –

How To Break A Fast

“Just stop for a minute. You’re never gonna not have food. And to just be really really calm and patient. And then to eat that food, very very slowly so it’s complete smoothie in your mouth. And then swallow it. And then know that you can do it again.”

“When you haven’t actually chewed, and cooked, and physically done it, we feel un-nourished. So therefore when we see food we just go swoop”

“And drinking some processed drink constantly three meals a day, your vibration is very different to my vibration, which I’ve come out of fasting, which is lighter, brighter, faster, quicker. Something happens I’m reset. My mind’s on. I have this sort of clarity that I’ve never had before, and I’m suddenly looking at my work mates, loving them, don’t get me wrong. But there is a vibrational disconnect with me and them. So then I go over here, and I’m vibrationally matching someone that’s either on a high plant based living.”

“So we facilitate that, so it’s that same satiating feeling but it’s high plant based, it’s vibrational food. It has a really amazing textures and balances fats and sugars and salts and nutrients in there. And she’s like I’m salivating thinking about it.”

“Touch your food. Get your hands in there. Start to really get back to where we initially came from and our connection to nature cause that’s what we’re apart of. And keep it really stupid simple. Stupid, stupid, stupid, simple.”

“But to really identify, the stomach is the size of your fist. And the more we put in the more it actually expands. So after we swallow, just to just sit with it. And just go, “That was really great.”

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