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Get up and Go with our Green-Go Smoothie Recipe


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– Well, today, we’re gonna make a green smoothie and we wanna talk about the perfect way to break fast every single day. So, this is a really great smoothie to start your day after you’ve fasted across the night time, and ready to get up and go with our Green Go Smoothie!

So, we’re actually gonna be using this Super Life Mr. Green Mix today, and you can pick whatever greens or green mix is your favourite at home, but this one is absolutely epic, and we’re here in our Bali home, right now. And whilst we’re travelling, we like to mix it up and see what’s kind of organic and around in the place that we are.

So in Bali we found this epic one that has so many amazing things inside this green powder form, incorporating maca, tumeric, ginger, mushroom, wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina, acai, all these amazing things. So, this is our green mix we’re gonna use today. And it’s called the Green Go Smoothie, because we’re mixing it with one of our favourite Bali fruits and that’s mango! So, we froze mango earlier on. So, we have some mango bits that we’re gonna pop in, and mango’s amazing for taste, but also for hearts, for your skin, for your whole body in general.

So, mango’s an awesome sweet fruit that you can pop in there. Now, with our green mix, I’m just gonna be doing like a spoon of greens. And this is pretty flavoursome, so it’s pretty epic. That’s all you need. So, we put that in there. And then we’re gonna be mixing in some chia seeds. Chia seeds are a good source of protein, a good source of fibre, and just putting in, probably, a spoonful of chia seeds.

And then we’ve got some flax seed, as well. So, we are wanting to help the fibre flow this morning. And then you’ve got some bee pollen. So, bee pollen is actually an amazing source of amino acids, and it’s got a bit of a sweet taste to it. So, bee pollen is one of my favourites to pop into smoothies. Generally, just a teaspoon. I just sprinkle some in, ’cause I’m pretty used to popping it in now, so that’s that one.

And then, today, another amazing way to start your day is to getting some probiotics or prebiotics into your system. And we’ve got this epic coconut probiotic yoghourt. Probiotic yoghourt, sorry. And you just wanna put in probably two gallops. Two gallops of probiotic yoghourt.

So, probiotic yoghourt is amazing for your gut bacteria. It’s great to start off with in the start of the day. In smoothies, it’s absolutely delicious. You can also add it onto fruits. You can also add it with chia seeds and make a chia pudding, however you wanna do it. It’s really great to add in some natural probiotics.

And last but not least in this epic smoothie, I’m gonna put one of my favourite, banana. Frozen banana in, just because it gives it just that taste you’re looking for.

So, there we have it, our Green Go Smoothie. Mango, banana frozen. Our greens, flax seed, chia seeds, bee pollen and our probiotic yoghourt. So, all I’m gonna do now is just add in a bit of water and blend. All right, there we have it. Oh, see the ice.

Now, I think that smoothies just taste so much better when they’re in a wine glass. So, here we have it, our Green Go Smoothie, poured into a wine glass for fun. Sprinkled with a bit of bee pollens. And have a lovely day.

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