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Do you have a calling to Water Fast? Here is my first experience.



I had a calling to do a water fast for quite some time. I knew I needed 3 things:

1 – I needed to be out of my current reality and environment.

2 – I needed time to rest and unplug from the world.

3 – I was doing this for me and no one needed to know about it.

So when the timing for this fell into place I let go of expectations followed these 3 steps and allowed it to unravel.

I set FOUR clear intentions: Detox, Heal, Grow and Experience.

Detox: Through my experience with prior cleanses and juice fasts I tend to get excited when my body is detoxing because it means it’s working, right? “So bring on this water fast and bring on the detox”, I thought as I was going strong on day 1 & 2 of the fast and then BOOM, the struggle was real. The detox hit on day 3 and it was intense! Dizziness, weakness, headaches, fatigue, lowest of low energy levels. The importance of unplugging from the world, to do lists, negative vibes and really allowing your body to REST (like for reals, sleep all day if you need too kinda rest) is SO important at this point. The purpose of getting away, unplugging and giving your body the gift to completely do what it needs to do in a safe environment with no agenda is the most powerful way to heal.

Heal: And heal is what it did. Deep healing was taking place, I felt it mostly in the night time. Sleeps were often restless until the early morning. Pains and injuries from years prior were surfacing, hurt from past relationships were releasing from my body, literally out into the cosmos and I was surrendering to the stories that had taken place up until that moment.

I give a lot of credit to nature, essential oils, breathing exercises, vitamin D and my 110% commitment for getting me through the times that make you want to end it all.

“Lose what needs to be lost in order to find what needs to be found”

Grow: Perhaps this becomes more evident after the fast, but the growth is outta this world. I took myself from a version 1.0 to a version 3.0 I totally skipped a level and with the fasting, healing and emotional work that took place, I really pushed through my comfort zone and would do it all over again. It showed me how powerful and intelligent our bodies are, how much they store. I believe every hurt, pain and trauma in the body are messages and insights being stored away waiting for the perfect moment to be unlocked. Here I was cracking open locks left right and centre. It opened not only my eyes to possibility but it opened by heart, deepened my connection to myself and helped me to fall into alignment with…everything.

Layers upon layers upon layers began to shed and for the first time I experienced what it felt like to be exactly who I am supposed to be, without judgements, without fear, just pure love. That was the ultimate growth and far beyond what I expected to gain.

Experience: “Once you experience you embody, once you embody your inner wisdom shines through and your heart speaks, and it becomes yours, like you become you”.

With a purified mind, body and soul. I experienced so many physical shifts, my eyes were the bluest of blue, my skin was glowing, I had let the emotional baggage I was carrying in the form of fat on my body go. I was embracing my femininity and finally feeling connected within my body. This led me to my biggest transformation which was spiritually. It’s amazing the messages that come through when your mind is clear and still. My life has become full of beautiful synchronicities. I have become more in tune with my body, with who I am and what it is to feel deep gratitude and love.

I believe this kind of water fast is a calling and if you have felt a calling, act on it! Because you don’t know how good you can feel until you can feel it.

Much love,

Sam Asser – Fast Way To Health

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