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Kidney Detox Juice – Remove Kidney Stones, Kidney Pain and Keep Your Kidney’s Alive


Detoxing the kidney doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to be, you know, a straining process.

Detoxing the kidney, I'm gonna show you today how to make it fun, how to make it delicious and easy for your everyday life.

Our body is naturally detoxing every single day but in today's society and modern life, we're exposed to more and more pollution and toxicity than ever before, from the food that we're eating to the water that we're putting into our bodies, to the air that we're breathing.

And it's starting to have an impact on our organs. And, as we all know, kidneys are a vital organ in our bodies and it's really important to keep the kidneys alive, to keep them well. They help to process everything within the body.

So from, you know, your alcohol, your food, everything that you're putting into your body, your kidneys are helping to eliminate that and to help to pop that through the body correctly.

So, we need to make sure they're working well and we need to make sure they're functioning and that's why it's really important that we stay on top of our kidneys so we don't create things like kidney stones or kidney disease, kidney infections, urine infections, all of these different things.

Okay and in the juice, the kidney detox juice, we've got let's just call them fingers, eight fingers of watermelon, skin and all.

I absolutely love juicing watermelon skin 'cuz often that's where all the nutrient lies, so remember that when juicing watermelon.

Eight fingers, a handful of cabbage.

Handful of cabbage.

We've got about, we've got a cucumber. That's basically the size of a cucumber.

And I'm gonna do a handful of blueberries as well. I might even go two handfuls, two handfuls of blueberries. Sounds good to me.

And one red apple.

Ahh, "such is life" as my pa would say. Who said cleansing your kidney couldn't be fun and delicious? This is amazing.

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