Meet The Face of FastWayToHealth, Sam Asser:

Let me be honest, I love talking. 

I am in my element when connecting with like-minded people who are ready to talk all things health, fasting and heart-based conversations.

Having me speak at your event or on your podcast/summit I can promise that you will get a talk tailored to your audience, that is fun, engaging and inspiring. 

We'll get straight into the topic at hand and we will have fun at the same time.  

What do I talk about? 

  • Intermittent Fasting, Juice Fasting and Water Fasting
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Making Health Simple
  • check
    Heart Based Health and Fasting

Whether your audience is a group of school kids looking for inspiration or high level execs and corporate workers wanting to be healthier, I will ensure they will have a good time and leave excited to move forward with their health

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Where I have Been Featured?

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and many more...

What people have to say? 

Sam has a passion for sharing stories with the world. This shines through in her ability to ask the right questions and dive deep into the subject and more importantly know when to let the person being interviewed talk and clearly make their point. Sam’s dedication, knowledge and research skills are just but a few of the talents she brings to the interview table.


Joe Cross

Film Maker, Entrepreneur, Author

"I have been interviewed by hundreds of people on hundreds of podcasts, summits and shows, and I can say without a doubt that Sam is one of the best interviewers, if not the best, I have ever been interviewed by"

Dr Daniel Pompa

"The Dr's Doctor", Cellular DetoxExpert

Introduction / Biography

Sam Asser is Australia's Leading Female Health and Fasting Expert and co-founder of the internationally recognised company FastWayToHealth. 

Sam's passion is helping individuals reach their untapped potential in health and life through creating massive amounts of motivation and inspiration to their desire to become healthier and happier. 

Sam and FastWayToHealth have reached over 40,000 people world-wide with their highly regarded online events such as The Fasting Summit. She has interviewed and spoken alongside the best in the industry like Joe Cross, Dr John Demartini, Dr Caroline Leaf, Cynthia Pasquella, James Colquhoun, Dr Daniel Pompa, Dr Tom O'Bryan, Erin Elizabeth, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr Michael Greger and many more. 

Sam takes a heart based approach to health that resonates with people on a much deeper level so that they too can become empowered to live their best, healthiest and happiest life. 

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