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My Meditation Experiences: A Personal Review of Faster Deeper Bliss


I was feeling uninspired, constantly bloated, hormones all over the place, disconnected from loved ones, the world and the biggest one of all.. myself.

Up until this point in time, the thought of meditation seemed ridiculous, boring and very unachievable – which you might relate to? Afterall I was a fiery Leo, who loved to be fast-paced, dramatic, driven with not a lot of patience. So the thought of having to sit like Buddha, eyes closed and not have a thought was like my Pa trying to win the lottery for the past 86 years.

Aka not happening.

Although my conscious, conditioned mind was saying no, there was a big part of me, the real part of me, that was saying yes. I was going through a big change in my life with emotions high, health low and was pretty sick of just getting by.

To be honest I had no idea what I was doing with my life but finally marked that line in the sand and decided something had to change.

I began Fasting and although this is a whole other topic in itself through changing the relationship I had food, my body and myself it organically led me to meditation.

There was something about sitting in stillness that allowed me to understand more about myself than I ever had before. Life seemed to calm down, I got more connected to nature and was able to listen to my own voice for the first time in what felt like forever.

Then I met Tom Cronin, one of the world’s best meditation teachers. When I interviewed Tom something within me really resonated with his message and since working with Tom in Vedic Meditation and his incredible online course Faster Deeper Bliss my life has had the most profound shifts and experiences here are a few:

  • I released a lot of fatigue that had been showing up in my daily life and no matter how much I slept my energy was still low and I was still tired. Releasing the fatigue and regulating the melatonin (sleep hormone) in my body has since left me feeling completely energised. I am back to a healthy, regular and deep sleep and spring out of bed easily and effortlessly.
  • It has really allowed me to relax into my feminine energy, open my heart, accept and receive love.
  • I trust in the universe and divine timing on a whole new level and my reactions to situations I would normally be frustrated or angry with have shifted massively.
  • The biggest one of all is my intuition and connection to myself.

Faster Deeper Bliss has helped me to let go of any unrealistic expectations I once had that was holding me back from just simply doing it and not hoping for a “good one” or “no thoughts” or “something crazy and profound to happen”. He makes meditation easy for the modern world and that fiery, impatient Leo is now described as having a very calm and grounded energy.

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