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Our Water Fasting Experiences 2016-2017


We received a lot of questions and interest off the back of our recent water fasts.

So we decided to jump on a call and chat about some of the incredible gifts and experiences we had during the fast.

Was it all sunshine and rainbows? Absolutely, not!
We tell all about our experiences holding nothing back.

While we all had our own personal experiences and emotions to work through, we somehow ended up with a very similar conclusion, that we are only just recollecting now.

It was an exciting journey, with much more to come. If you are curious about water fasting, this would be great for you to watch to gain some insights into what you may expect.

Also, for some of you, there is a message at the end – so if you feel called to watch, please do stay right until the very end!!


with Marko Petrovic, Mitch Asser & Sam Asser.

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About the Author Mitch Asser

Mitch Asser runs along with his sister, Sam. Together they share all you need to know on Intermittent Fasting, Juice Fasting, Water Fasting and more. They have interviewed over 100 leading health and wellness experts including Joe Cross, Dr Demartini, Joel Fuhrman, Cynthia Pasquella and many others.

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