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Water Fasting Benefits | Why I Have a Love – Hate Relationship with Water Fasting


After speaking with many people of late who have been on the health journey for many months or years, most of them are yearning for something deeper. Many people I speak to have done many 5, 10, 20 or even 40 day Juice Fasts, but they are now hearing the call to Water Fast.

I remember growing up in the fitness industry I used to think the most ridiculous strategy for achieving optimal health and balance was water fasting. My closed off mind considered that doing a water fast was extremely unsafe and that it would destroy your metabolism. If that wasn't enough then what about the hunger pains from starvation? 

I already found it hard to miss 1 meal at that point in my life. 

Boy was I wrong. I have said this before and I will continue to say it over and over again...

Fasting is the FASTEST way for you to achieve the health you desire...

But it does require some serious thought and the ability to control the environment around you to create a safe space to get the most from your fast. 

Once you have that sorted, the incredible benefits and positive results from a water fast can exceed your expectations.

Let me explain the steps to get started and then the results that I have found for myself. Please realise that each person is individual and they are on their own journey meaning these results might not be typical. But in saying that, I have observed very similar outcomes with those around me as well: 

1 - Don't tell anyone what you are doing

When I first started getting healthy and changing my lifestyle it was completely natural that I wanted to share it with others because I was feeling so amazing and inspired to live a better life. But the shocking truth is that the people around you don't want to hear it. 

There are many reasons why they may not want to hear it, but all you need to remember is that they are on their own path, and you are on your's. The right people will ask you questions about what you are doing. 

If you try to tell everyone about your positive changes you will be shut down, you will be made fun of, you will be ridiculed and scared into thinking you might be making the wrong decision. 

Sam and myself have had conversations with literally dozens of top health and wellness coaches about this exact scenario. It is fair to say they all have very similar opinions to mine. 

2 - No Work

This one is simple to understand but hard to do. So many people are married to a job they hate. Especially when you are a conscientious person who takes out 4 minutes of your day to read a blog post like this and who is pro-actively looking to improve your life then you probably hate "letting people down". Even in a job you don't enjoy that much. 

I encourage people in that position to use paid sick days at work. This is why they give them to you. Use 1 or 2 days, plus your weekend and all of a sudden you have created 4 days to fast and rest. Add on 3 more days of paid annual leave and you have created a full week to fast and rest. 

Plus, these few days off work will mean that you will never need a real sick day at work each year, so it is beneficial for your employer. As long as you continue to fast a few times each year and eat a wholefood plant based diet you won't get sick ever again. I promise, I am proof of that. 

You will NEVER get the full benefits from a fast when you are at work. And in fact, you will not be able to function properly when fasting on water only. It is not a suggestion to create this space, it is a must! 

3 - Prepare Your Home Environment

Juice fasting can easily be done at home, while feeding the kids and even cooking for the family. But it would take a very strong willed person to do that while water fasting. 

I consider myself a fairly strong willed person, but if I was around food while water fasting I think I would crack fairly quickly. 

I suggest preparing your home by clearing out the fridge and cupboards of all food. Anything and everything that you may be tempted by, needs to go. 

If this cannot be achieved, jump on AirBnb and book yourself a little cottage getaway for a week. Most of the time you could probably find yourself a small cottage for a couple hundred dollars within an hours drive of where you live - and often it will be much more connected to nature which will assist in the fasting process. 

These are the 3 biggest points of preparing for a fast. 

Ideally, if you had a like-minded friend you join you on the fast to keep each other motivated that would definitely help. But fasting can be a deep exploration of "self" so don't worry if you don't have someone. 

If you can prepare the right way, there is a really good chance that you can experience some really deep, inner cleansing that you have felt the urge for. 

Before I get into the benefits I have found from water fasting, let me say this 1 thing first...

Fasting is F$&#ING hard... ​

There were times during the water fast that I had no energy to move, I was light headed and I questioned the entire way I live my life. 

But as you move through to days 4, 5 and 6 you realise that this was all a part of the cleansing process. 

You will hear many doctors tell you that fasting is dangerous, because your vitals are way off the scale. But some of the best words I have ever heard from Dr Loren Lockman, is that your vitals NEED to go off the scale in order for the body to do the deep inner cleansing you are requiring. 

Those words resonate on a deep level with me after personally doing many fasts. Truth is not found at the end of a study, truth is felt deep inside your own body. 

OK, the benefits: 

1 - Alignment to my truth

There are many reasons why people do what they do with their lives. Most of them are a product of the opinions of those around them and/or due to fear from the brainwashing around them from mainstream media and marketing from multi-billion and trillion dollar industries like the entertainment, meat, dairy, processed food and pharmaceutical industries. 

After water fasting I aligned deeper to my own truth, with the realisation that eating foods fresh from the ground produce positive effects in the body, with very little trade off. 

What do I mean? Any easy example to give from one of the above industries mentioned is milk. When I used to drink milk, I always felt bloated, ill or gurgling in my stomach within 30-60 minutes from drinking that milk. So the trade off for drinking milk is feeling like shit. Which makes sense because it is highly processed and the only reason why mother-nature created cows milk was to get a small baby calf to grow into a massive beast. 

So no wonder so many people who drink milk are also growing into a similar outcome......beasts - both physically and mentally. 

These days most people recognise this link, even if they are not on a conscious health journey. But consider it is exactly the same scenario with the other industries I mentioned as well. 

I also found a greater alignment to the work I do. 

Since water fasting we have considerably grown our business, connected with more of the best health and wellness experts in the world and launched our first retreats with incredible response. 

It was less then 12 months ago that I was wondering if anyone even cared about the work I do. Now we have multiple new applications confirmed to join our retreats on a monthly basis. These people are wanting to be a part of the movement of people who are satisfying the urge for a greater life with more fulfilment. It almost brings a tear to my eye. Tears of joy of course..

2 - Better Digestion and Weight Management. 

I am a little different to most where I find it hard to gain weight. Ever since becoming more health conscious so that I could overcome a lifetime of disease and illness, I have found it hard to be at a weight that I feel confident and comfortable with. 

I spent many years "bulking" up to look and feel better. And while it looked great in the mirror, the inside of my body was suffering. 

So my greatest physical fear was losing too much weight on a water fast. This definitely happened, but after the fast my body responded better then ever to the food I was eating and the time I was spending in the gym. 

Within 3 months from fasting, I was in the best shape physically I had ever been in since getting healthy. I was at a place where I felt comfortable again.

But most importantly I was still healthy. There were no sacrifices to my health to get my weight back to a place where I felt comfortable again. 

Whether you want to gain weight or lose weight, fasting is a great way to kickstart that as it will help heal the hormones, gut and digestive system which are the main causes for not being at the weight you want to be. 

3 - A Greater Sense of Satisfaction, Tolerance and Patience

I am a pretty easy going type of person. But there were a lot of small habits I picked up from my childhood that I would prefer not to have. 

At times I would get angry over little annoyances of life, I would get frustrated with others when they didn't do things my way and I always thought my way was right and more superior over what others thought. 

Fasting has allowed me to cleanse much of that. I find that as I move through life I find the humour in everything. I live my life from the perspective that life is a gift. 

Life really is a gift. I like to consider that before I emerged into this physical existence my life was already determined. Every experience I have, every person I meet was already determined before I got here. 

When we were growing inside the womb of our mothers, there was nothing we needed to learn, we didn't have to worry about what others thought of us and we didn't have to find the DNA we needed to help us grow in to a baby. 

We emerged from a spec of matter, that created a baby. What if we learned to trust that exact same process for the life we live? 

What if you don't have to get caught up in what the latest studies say and just learned to trust who you are and the body you reside in? 

Wouldn't that make life much more enjoyable, fun and less stressful? 

I laugh every single day at the synchronicity's of life, I laugh at strange situations I was put in, I laugh at upsetting situations I am put in and of course I laugh at the comedic situations I am in. It's all part of the process and when you learn to trust that - there is nothing you ever need to worry about, be anxious of or depressed with. 

Life is perfect. Life is fun. And I love it so much! 

Now that I have written this post, I guess I don't really hate fasting at all. It is a bit of a strong word, but there are definitely times where you wish you were not into fasting at all. It can be hard, it can be challenging and it can be lonely. 

But wow, the benefits of fasting are something to fall in love with. If you have ever had an urge for a much deeper satisfaction with the life you live, the food you eat and the experiences you have, you will totally fall in love with fasting. 

If you are someone who prioritises their health and is looking to live a long, happy and healthy life that is free from disease and illness, you will totally love fasting. 

And sometimes, all it takes is being in an environment where fasting is the norm that you can continue to fast regularly. But after speaking with many people, the first time they water fast they are looking for guidance. 

That is why we have put together a 10 Day Water Fasting retreat in Australia to help you find the inner confidence you need when fasting. Our retreats are small, intimate and personalised so that you can get exactly what you want from the fast. Check out our page for more information and book in a time to chat with me. 

To your health & wellness, 
- Mitch Asser

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