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YAMazing! Juice


We all love emotions, and we all love to avoid emotions.

So today we’re gonna be talking about a juice that’s good for some emotional stuff that’s happening in the body, and let me show you how.

Emotions are something that we love to love or love to hate or hate to hate. But I think we’re moving now into a place where we’re beginning to be okay with our emotions.

And if you’re not and you’re still avoiding emotions, then I think this could be something for you because the more that we can start to clear out and the more that we can start to be okay with feeling a certain way or talking about our feelings or being open with that, the better our life can be.

So this is where I get excited. This is where I love looking at colours of whole foods, colours of, or what it’s doing to our body, the emotions of the food and how that can impact us. And so today we’re gonna be doing something which is, yamazing!

The yamazing juice, and it incorporates sweet potato, carrot and beets. And if we look at these colours incorporating the orange and yellow family, and our blue and indigo family, it represents the circulatory system. And the circulatory system in our body represents the feelings of love, pleasure, elation, graciousness.

And also loneliness, rejection, aloneness, and by combining these together and drinking it in a juice, we’re starting to with this create more of a warmth in our body, more of a fulfilment, more … more I guess love.

And with the orange and the yellow we’re starting to rid our circulatory system of any blood diseases. We’re starting to release the molecules of a broken heart and feeling alone, and so this is a powerful juice. And if you’re on a juice fast right now, and you’re incorporating this, working with the colours and emotions, then stuff’s probably gonna come up, but I want you to know that that’s okay.

Be okay with that, and allow it to come up, and just see what happens, see what’s there, acknowledge it.

And if you’re not on a juice fast, then this is an awesome way just to really cleanse and just see if anything feels different or be aware of it. That this is gonna help our circulatory system all we’re using is one sweet potato, three carrots and a third of a beet.

What a beautiful colour it creates. And if we remember that the circulatory represents love, then you think of that colour, and it reminds you of love, right?

Well, this juice is earthy, it’s warm. Umm, you can taste the sweet potato, and that’s why it so yamazing. But the time is now, guys, the time is now to be okay with your emotions, and allow them to come up and share, or allow yourself to cry or laugh or whatever it is. But know that there’s a lot, and when you start to use things like this to target certain emotions and to work on them, then you’re taking yourself to a new level. So reach out if we can help in any way, but in the meantime enjoy the yamazing juice.

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